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Afraid children in Ft. Myers learn to swim at Discovery Swim School.

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A few years ago, my husband and I took traditional swim lessons but we always felt rushed to try to keep up and never confident. I was embarrassed and sad that I was terrified to float on my back. As a last resort, I looked online and found Discovery Swim School. The classes were totally different. The goal was for us to understand how water works so that we would be relaxed and safe in the water without learning strokes. We both took Miracle Swimming Beginning Class & Next Step Class with Nila Little. She is a great instructor. She helped us tremendously by building our confidence while teaching us to be safe and we had fun. I learned how to float on my back without fear. Now we are in the pool 5 days a week and we really enjoy it. This is how all swimming lessons should be taught, safety and confidence first without being forced to learn strokes. We highly recommend that you take classes with Nila. It's worth every penny. THANK YOU NILA! :)


Miracle Swimming is a system of teaching from which students learn to avoid panic and develop a trust in themselves and the water. At Discovery Swim School, we define "learning to swim" as: learning to be self-reliant for your safety and to be comfortable, confident, and free in deep water. Once a student learns to swim he or she can easily learn strokes, too.

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Discovery Swim School is a licensed provider of Miracle Swimming programs in Ft. Myers, Florida. 


OUR POOL OR IN YOUR BACKYARD OR COMMUNITY POOL. While our courses for small groups are scheduled in advance, private and semi-private lessons for adults and children can be scheduled ON-DEMAND!


At Discovery Swim School, we specialize in healing fear. Some of our new students have never been in the water before; others have avoided the water following a traumatic experience (such as being thrown in); and still others are trying to pick up the pieces after well-meaning but ill-informed traditional swim instructors insisted on teaching them strokes. Regardless of your reason for coming, Discovery Swim School will "meet you where you are" on your journey and introduce you to the learn-to-swim solution you never knew existed: Miracle Swimming.


Our Miracle Swimming Classes for Adults

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This class is designed as the starting point for afraid adults and adult non-swimmers. In the Beginning class, you will learn to be at ease in shallow water, and you will begin to develop the knowledge and experience needed to achieve total freedom in deep water. For more information, including upcoming class dates and locations, and to register, click on the button below. WANT TO LEARN IN YOUR HOME OR COMMUNITY POOL? WE CAN DO THAT!


Beginning class graduates can take this course to continue their learn-to-swim journey. In the Next Step class, you will continue your journey toward total freedom in deep water. If you wish to enjoy the many fun, fitness, and adventure opportunities available in an aquatic environment, this class was designed with your goals and needs in mind. For more information, including upcoming class dates and locations, and to register, click on the button below. WANT TO LEARN IN YOUR HOME OR COMMUNITY POOL? WE CAN DO THAT!


Still not sure if you're ready for Miracle Swimming? Intro to Miracle Swimming is a single lesson for adults that includes a 30-minute classroom session and a 90-minute pool session. This short, low-cost lesson offers students a sneak-peek into the Miracle Swimming system and how it works to heal fear. Class size is limited to a maximum of two students, and private lesson requests are always honored.


To register, click on button below, and we will contact you to schedule a date and time for your class. WANT TO LEARN IN YOUR HOME OR COMMUNITY POOL? WE CAN DO THAT!

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