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Ft. Myers, Florida USA



A few years ago, my husband and I took traditional swim lessons but we always felt rushed to try to keep up and never confident. I was embarrassed and sad that I was terrified to float on my back. As a last resort, I looked online and found Discovery Swim School. The classes were totally different. The goal was for us to understand how water works so that we would be relaxed and safe in the water without learning strokes. (Nila) is a great instructor. She helped us tremendously by building our confidence while teaching us to be safe and we had fun. I learned how to float on my back without fear. Now we are in the pool 5 days a week and we really enjoy it. This is how all swimming lessons should be taught, safety and confidence first without being forced to learn strokes. We highly recommend that you take classes with Nila. It's worth every penny. THANK YOU NILA! :)


At Discovery Swim School, we define "learning to swim" as learning to be self-reliant for one's safety and to be comfortable, confident, and free in water. Once a student can swim, he or she can easily learn strokes, too. 

For many, learning strokes before learning to be comfortable in water doesn't work; so, we don't teach strokes first. Read more about the STROKES MYTH here.  This is part (but not nearly all) of what makes Discovery Swim School different!

  • We're different because we specialize in teaching fearful students and other non-swimmers of all ages, including those for whom other lessons haven't worked; AND,

  • We're different because we welcome students whose needs or circumstances have not been or cannot be met by other schools, including "sinkers," military & first responders, and modest students, to name a few examples; AND,

  • We're different because we will teach advanced swimming skills (strokes, snorkeling, open water swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.) to any student once she/he is comfortable in water; AND,

  • We're different because we can teach and train competitive swimmers at all levels, from swim team beginners to renowned athletes; AND,

  • We're different because we are seasoned (trained and experienced) adult instructors who teach swimming for a other words, we take this very seriously! 




Don't be shy! If you need additional information or assistance for any reason at all, we strongly encourage (and welcome) you to contact us by phone (614-450-0061) or by completing the form below. 




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