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Right now, you depend on the bottom of the pool and the side for your safety. True? You want to be able to rely on yourself for your safety instead. This class teaches you the first half or three-quarters of how to be reliable for your own safety in water, shallow and deep: everything that can fit into 24 hours. It's a lot, and that's why we stop after 24 hours.


In the Miracle Swimming Beginning Class, most people master their safety in shallow water and begin to master it in the deep. Some people master their safety in the deep in this class, too. Some master letting go of the wall in the shallow. Safety is not related to swimming mechanics.



Yes. Everyone is. For perhaps the first time, you will be in a class with others who feel the same way you do: "How do I learn to feel safe in deep water? How do I stop myself from panicking when I'm in water over my head? How can I enjoy putting my face in the water and floating and getting out of a float, front and back? What are the secrets everyone else seems to know except me? How do I learn to be in control and to rely on myself for my safety rather than on the bottom or the side?"


You'll feel comfortable and safe all the time. We'll never ask you to do anything that might make you panic, or to do anything you don't want to do. You ask, "How can I learn if I never push myself to do anything I don't want to do?" The answer is, "The same way you learned to walk and talk." You will find your swimming unfolding in a natural, effortless way because you will start at the beginning and skip no steps.


You'll be met at your level and your questions will all be answered. There's no pressure and no hurry. You won't be told to relax! Yet you will naturally relax because you'll be hearing what you've always wanted to know. You'll have time to explore, experiment and practice, ask questions, and be spotted by a specially trained instructor or a spotter when you need assistance, which everyone gets. If you let yourself go at your own pace, you can't possibly fail. Have you ever heard of an adult swimming class with a money-back guarantee? We have one because we can.


At your own pace, you'll learn how to be at ease in water and play; how the water works; how to let the water do the work for you; how to be yourself in the shallow and deep; how to move from here to there comfortably and without effort; how to keep water out of your nose; to put your face in, HAPPILY; to feel the water holding you up. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of preventing panic; you'll learn to float and stand up; to remain in control; to maneuver at will from back to front and change directions; that deep water holds you up; to replace your unwanted beliefs about water with beliefs you want; to begin to be the swimmer you're born to be.


There's so much material in the Beginning Class that it takes 24 hours. It's eight 3-hour sessions, one hour on land and two hours in a warmer-than-usual pool.


The Beginning class takes you as far as you can go in 24 class hours. Everyone learns a different amount. We cannot predict what you will know when you finish the Beginning Class. In the Next Step Class you continue to learn. The goal of our Beginning and Next Step Classes combined is freedom in the deep: you can stay afloat calmly and move around in deep water as long as you wish. Sometimes this occurs in the Beginning class. After becoming free in deep water, it will be possible to learn strokes that are satisfying because you can breathe. All learning is at your own pace.