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Private Lessons in Ft. Myers, Florida


Swimming is an essential skill that adds safety and enjoyment to life. Yet, many children do not respond well to traditional swimming lessons, which are often chaotic and rigid. If your child has not yet learned to swim despite her/his participation in swimming lessons, you no longer need to feel worried, frustrated, or desperate...we're here to help!


At Discovery Swim School, we offer a unique alternative to the traditional swimming lesson for children 6 years of age and older. Our swimming lessons for children are different because they are:


  • Derived from a teaching method that has been used successfully with adults for 30 years;

  • Focused on teaching children to avoid panic through mindfulness and trust...trust in self and trust in the water;

  • Private, which ensures that each child receives close, specialized attention at all times;

  • Taught by specially-trained, professional adults who teach swimming for a living.


Package: Eight (8) 30-minute sessions scheduled at your family's convenience

Cost: $225 + pool entry fees, when applicable

Location: Private lessons for afraid kids can be taught at our pool, or in your own backyard or community pool. Our pool is located at 18240 Phlox Drive in Ft. Myers. Click here to see our pool


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