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The Strokes Myth


Traditional swimming lessons, such as those offered by the Red Cross, United States Masters Swimming (USMS), the YMCA, and private instructors around the world focus on strokes. It is not uncommon for students in these programs to be confronted with strokes-based lesson plans within the first few minutes of the first class. Skills like kicking or moving the arms in a prescribed fashion are examples of strokes-based skills.

The problem is, STROKES ARE AN ADVANCED FORM OF AQUATIC CHOREOGRAPHY. Learning to swim by focusing on strokes first is like learning to dance on a tightrope. It simply doesn't work that way! Simply put, the belief that strokes = swimming is a myth. 

Unfortunately, students and teachers who focus on strokes before addressing foundational aquatics skills often get frustrated and give up. So, if you took swimming lessons in the past but they "didn't work," it's not your fault! You may simply have been a victim of the Strokes Myth, which despite decades of associated traumas persists to this day.

At Discovery Swim School, we're different. We never teach strokes to students who are not yet ready to learn them. Instead, we begin with the foundational skills that lead to comfort and control in water, many of which have nothing at all to do with

choreography. Our skillful instructors assess each student to determine the correct starting point and then customize a lesson plan that will not skip any steps. Want to learn more, or schedule your first session? CONTACT US or REGISTER today! 

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