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Welcome to 18240 Phlox Drive in beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida! Our private, warm-water pool is perfect for small-group and private lessons for adults and children. A private changing room is available on site.

Pool Review

Hover here to read what beginner student Peter had to say about our pool !

Sharing my experience taking the Beginning & Next Step classes at the Ft. Myers Discovery Swim School:


The screened pool is a private and pleasant setting with trees all around. Theshallow end/s are at the two pool ends with the the deep "end" in the pool middle and this made for a comfortable learning environment. 


By the end of the first week I was able to float & swim comfortably from end to end over the deep middle. 


The Next Step class used a removable rod over the width of the deep end in the middle of the pool. This was used, in doing the deep water exercises, to hang on to and let go, and then move to the

side of the pool when needed at first.


Nila Little is a great teacher - I was able to progress at my own pace and schedule as I built up confidence with practice. I highly recommend the Discovery Swim School if you are looking to take a swim course in a private setting.


-Peter D.


Want to learn in your own pool? We can come to you! 

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