What should I bring to my Miracle Swimming course?

Thankfully, swimming (when compared to other sports) does not require much special equipment. In fact, a swim suit, a pair of goggles, and a towel to dry off with usually suffice. We will provide swim caps and nose clips to those who wish to use them. Otherwise, simply pack as you would for a trip to the gym. If your class schedule includes more than one session in a single day, you may wish to bring more than one swim suit, as there may not be enough time between classes for your suit to dry.


I've taken traditional swimming lessons before, but they didn't help. Can I still learn to swim?

In a word, "Yes!" In two words, "Yes, undoubtedly!" Traditional swimming lessons focus on one aspect of swimming: strokes. In other words, they teach students to propel themselves using various forms of aquatic choreography such as you see in the Olympics. Propulsion and choreography are advanced steps in the process of learning the sport of swimming. The first steps toward learning to swim involve developing in the water and trust in oneself. This is where we start.


I am comfortable in shallow water, but not in deep water. Is your training right for me?

Yes! Together, Discovery Swim School's Beginning Course and Next Step Course are designed to help you acquire the knowledge, trust, and peace of mind necessary to be free at any depth. We use a proven system in which fun, comfort, and control take center stage, enabling you to fully embody each new skill and each new revelation about the supportive nature of the aquatic environment.


My biggest problem with swimming is the breathing. I can swim until I run out of air, and then I have to stop. Will your training help me?

Yes! In Discovery Swim School's Beginning Course you will learn how the water works, and how your body works with the water, all the while remaining calm and in control (and, therefore, safe). With this knowledge and our unique brand of support, effective breathing is just one of the many useful skills you can get from this investment!


I've always been embarrassed to admit that I never learned to swim. It seems like everyone around me can do it, but I can't. What's wrong with me?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, a Gallup poll in 1998 showed that Forty-six percent of American adults are afraid in water over their heads in pools. Sixty-four percent are afraid in deep, open water. Thirty-nine percent are afraid to put their heads under water. In other words, you're not alone (even though it might sometimes feel like you are). What's more, like all humans, you are a born swimmer. At Discovery Swim School, our aim is to identify and address the circumstances, experiences, and beliefs that have prevented you from realizing your true potential in this area.


I've come this far without knowing how to swim...why should I learn to do it now?

Perhaps we are biased on this point; but, we believe there are a myriad of good reasons why it's never too late to learn to swim, from the recreation, fitness, and adventure options swimming affords, to the peace of mind that develops when you know you can keep yourself and those around you safe in and around the water. And, let's face it....most of the Earth's surface is water, so learning to swim can seriously expand your horizons! But, perhaps the best reason to learn to swim now is that you CAN. Finally, with Discovery Swim School, the innovative and effective Miracle Swimming system is available to students in and around Columbus and Austin. We hope to see you in the pool soon!


I've taken Miracle Swimming classes in the past but at a different school. Will Discovery Swim School give me credit for having taken those classes, or do I need to start over again?

If you have completed Miracle Swimming classes at another school, you may not need to repeat them. Our primary concern is that your swim lesson journey remain fun and safe. To this end, we will want to talk to you about your Miracle Swimming experience before you register for a Discovery Swim School class.